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Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinator / Safety Presentations

John Cain

Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinators / Ride-In’s

Ed & Jeanette Carr
(386) 846-0146

Safety Presentations

PLP (Parking Lot Practice) days can also be scheduled. A PLP is a shorter session of about 2 hours. Remember to us someone's parking lot for a PLP you need their permission to do so.

Attached is a list of PLP diagrams for your use.

If you would like assistance with a PLP contact us and we will come and assist you with it.

Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinator / First Aid - CPR

Claudia Vega


To promote an atmosphere and space to encourage the sharing of safety tips, education and on bike skill exercises for the riders and co-riders. We will do this through EWMA developed seminars, on bike games, skill exercises and promotion of safety talks and tips.

Our seminars are designed to be presented by anyone showing an interest but primarily are to be presented to EWMA members and the presenter must be a  current member of EWMA. Some exceptions or additional needed information may apply to specific courses. Check with your District Ride Safety Coordinator for details.

30-minute presentations (ideal for a rally or ride-in event).
     1. Co-Rider
     2. Helmets
     3. 1st On the Scene Response
     4. Riding in the Mountains
     5. Riding at Night
     6. Riding in the Cold
     7. Riding in the Heat
     8. Riding in the Rain
     9. Riding in a Group
     10. Trailering

Approximately 10-minute presentations (ideal for a Chapter Social)
     1. First Aid Kits
     2. Helmets
     3. Riding at night
     4. Riding in the cold – clothing
     5. Riding in the cold – medical incidents
     6. Riding in the Heat – Medical
     7. Riding in the Rain – Impact on the Motorcycle
     8. Trailering
     9. Vehicle Inspection
     10. Hand Signals for Traffic Accident

     1. Co-Rider (approximately 15 minutes)

Contact the Districts Safety Seminar Coordinator (John Cain) to obtain seminars

District Safety / Ride Coordinators

Dominick & Diane DeSiato
(813) 927-0120


A Chapter should survey their members to see who would like to take a class, what type of class, ARC or TRC and choose a tentative date.

We would like to have a total of 6 riders to set up a class with a maximum of 12 riders per class. When individuals contact us we will compile a list of those members and when we get enough members to put on a class we will contact you with the date

The locations we use are to be approved MSF ranges. The rangers we already have permission to use are:

        1. Safe Ride - 355 Plaza Dr, Eustis, FL

        2. Safe Ride - 1100 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL

        3. Safe Ride - 2133 SW Hwy 484, Ocala, FL

        4. Safe Ride - 700 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL

        5. Jacksonville Motorcycle Safety Training Cecil Airport - McCarthy Way

        6. Jacksonville Motorcycle Safety Training - 9501 Arlington Expressway

Or any other MSF range in your area that you can obtain permission for us to use. We will pay a rental fee if required.

safety / Ride coordinator

Rider Courses (ARC / TRC)


Parking Lot Practice (PLP)