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Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinator / Safety Seminars

John Cain

Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinators / Ride-In’s

Ed & Jeanette Carr
(386) 846-0146

     A Chapter should survey their members to see who would like to take a class, what type of class, ARC or TRC and choose a tentative date.

     We would like to have a total of 6 riders to set up a class with a maximum of 12 riders per class. When individuals contact us we will compile a list of those members and when we get enough members to put on a class we will contact you with the date

     The locations we use are to be approved MSF ranges. The rangers we already have permission to use are:

        1. Safe Ride - 355 Plaza Dr, Eustis, FL

        2. Safe Ride - 1100 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL

        3. Safe Ride - 2133 SW Hwy 484, Ocala, FL

        4. Safe Ride - 700 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL

        5. Jacksonville Motorcycle Safety Training Cecil Airport - McCarthy Way

        6. Jacksonville Motorcycle Safety Training - 9501 Arlington Expressway

     Or any other MSF range in your area that you can obtain permission for us to use. We will pay a rental fee if required.

safety / Ride coordinator

Rider Courses (ARC / TRC)

Parking Lot Practice (PLP)

     PLP (Parking Lot Practice) days can also be scheduled. A PLP is a shorter session of about 2 hours. Remember to us someone's parking lot for a PLP you need their permission to do so.

     Attached is a list of PLP diagrams for your use.

     If you would like assistance with a PLP contact us and we will come and assist you with it.

Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinator / First Aid - CPR

Claudia Vega


District Safety / Ride Coordinators

Dominick & Diane DeSiato
(813) 927-0120