Safety Seminars

Florida District - eagle wings motorcycle association

Assistant District Safety / Ride Coordinator / Safey Seminars

John Cain


EWMA Safety Mission Statement

     To promote an atmosphere and space to encourage the sharing of safety tips, education and on bike skill exercises for the riders and co-riders. We will do this through EWMA developed seminars, on bike games, skill exercises and promotion of safety talks and tips.

Our seminars are designed to be presented by anyone showing an interest but primarily are to be presented to EWMA members and the presenter must be a  current member of EWMA. Some exceptions or additional needed information may apply to specific courses. Check with your District Ride Safety Coordinator for details.

30-minute presentations (ideal for a rally or ride-in event).
     1. Co-Rider
     2. Helmets
     3. 1st On the Scene Response
     4. Riding in the Mountains
     5. Riding at Night
     6. Riding in the Cold
     7. Riding in the Heat
     8. Riding in the Rain
     9. Riding in a Group
     10. Trailering

Approximately 10-minute presentations (ideal for a Chapter Social)
     1. First Aid Kits
     2. Helmets
     3. Riding at night
     4. Riding in the cold – clothing
     5. Riding in the cold – medical incidents
     6. Riding in the Heat – Medical
     7. Riding in the Rain – Impact on the Motorcycle
     8. Trailering
     9. Vehicle Inspection
     10. Hand Signals for Traffic Accident

     1. Co-Rider (approximately 15 minutes)

Contact the Districts Safety Seminar Coordinator (John Cain) to obtain seminars